Asbestos Removing

Why is Asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos fibers can be released into the air when people handle materials containing asbestos with poor safety procedures. Asbestos fibres are 50 to 200 times thinner than human hair. The fibres are invisible which makes it easy for people to take it into their body through their lungs. When this fibre is trapped deep in your lungs for a long time, it can cause damage to your body.

The two groups of materials that contain asbestos include:

    Friable (loosely bound) asbestos materials: These can be reduced or crumbled to powder by hand. Bonded asbestos become friable when they are crusted or damaged by fire. Friable asbestos materials can be very dangerous as the fibres can be easily released into the air.
    Bonded (non-friable) asbestos materials This is made up of a bonding agent such as cement which mixes with the asbestos fibres. They contain less than 15 per cent of asbestos and usually do not release fibres unless they are damaged, disturbed or suffer deterioration over time.

Asbestos Manufacturing: A look at Melbourne and Victoria, Australia and your risk at work today

A wide range of products were manufactured using asbestos until the late 1980s. Some of the products manufactured include building and construction materials (cement pipe and flat or corrugated sheeting), floor tiles (and their adhesives), textured paints and textiles, roofing and insulation. Gaskets and friction parts which contain asbestos were made in Australia up until 2003. Many of these asbestos-containing materials still remain in place throughout Melbourne and Victoria.
Safe Work Australia has asked workers to be careful of all friction brake products, vehicle and plant equipment that were installed, built, manufactured, commissioned or designed prior to 1 January 2001; construction materials, gaskets and insulation products. Any work place that has any of these items; the workers must adhere to the highest safety levels.

Effective controls

All Australian homes or workplaces can work with Asbestos removal companies in Melbourne and Victoria in order to ensure they have a safe environment. It is easy to make use of the best removal services once you carry out your requisite research.
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