Removing materials containing some asbestos.

Why should Asbestos be removed from my property?

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Asbestos was banned in 2003 and few people realise its presence on their property. Your home has a 50% chance of harboring asbestos, which could be lethal if disturbed. The use of asbestos has been common in the industrialised world since the mid-19th century and it was not until 2003 that a total ban was imposed. Lee Carter, principal director of the consultants WSP Environment & Energy, says that it has been widely used in residential property: “Among private homes, more than 50% are likely to include some asbestos-containing materials.”

While this may sound alarming, asbestos is likely to be dangerous only if it is released into the air and you breathe it in. Then you could be at long-term risk of developing lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma (a┬ácancer that forms in the lining of the chest or abdomen). Experts say that there should be little or no risk if the asbestos is enclosed and left undisturbed but it must be regularly checked for signs of deterioration. But accidents happen and the previously dormant devil within could be released when “improvement” work is being carried out, for example, or when a burst pipe causes damage to ceilings.

This is what happened to Brian Fitzpatrick, 49, from Melbourne, who endured the Christmas from hell when he discovered water damage in his house a few days back. Pipes had burst in the loft and contractors alerted him to the threat of asbestos in the Aertex coating on his ceilings. Before the sample results came back, one of the ceilings collapsed and the industrial dryer blew asbestos around the house. Fitzpatrick and his family have had to relocate while repairs and decontamination take place, a process that could continue for several more months.
Although the results of sampling tests indicated a low number of asbestos particles in the air, the family remains concerned for the future.

The Way Forward

In order to forestall any health hazard if you live in Victoria or Melbourne, getting a good Asbestos removal company to help you is the ideal way to go.
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